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 The Myth of White Privilege
Stephen Frazier
May 9, 2016
The notion of WHITE PRIVILEGE is nothing but an excuse for non accomplishmentarianism.

In TODAY'S world, if Whites or anyone else has an advantage it is not because they TOOK it, but because we 
let them have it unopposed. Not that our opposition would have stopped them. Our grandparents used to say that Blacks have to be twice as good to get half of what Whites have gotten.
Our grandparents lived during a time when that may have indeed been true, but today is a new day, and the
only thing keeping US from getting TWICE what we have already is not White people or White privilege.
It is US. White people don't have the time nor the need to focus on holding us back. They are too busy making sure
they keep moving forward. Besides, we do such a great job of holding ourselves back and they can't do it to
us any better than we are doing it to ourselves. We could be ten times as great as we are if we focus on achieving our goals without regard to how they relate
to White people. There are opportunities galore for Blacks to improve ourselves in every way possible but too
many of us seem to think we cannot move forward unless a White man steps back. What a humungous waste of time and energy. Never before in the annals of history have so many done so little with so much.
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