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Unchecked Immigration Would Change Nation's Character
As Barack Obama has proven, not all change is good
Steven Lemon
13 June 2014

Imagine, if you dare, what will happen when some liberal judge declares that the ten million newly minted citizens have a right to bring ten more family members from Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico and/or South Africa. Wait until there are forty million NEW applicants for a chance to suckle at the taxpayer's breast. You think wages are low now, wait until there are twenty million new job applicants vying for the same jobs that are available now. Worse yet, wait until mass voter registrations result in ethnic enclaves where English is not only not understood, but not even allowed. Don't snicker until you visit Miami.

Now don't get me wrong. I am not saying that every person here illegally is a crook, parasite or has anything other than good intentions as reason for being here. Many, and I dare say most of the "illegatos" (if that is not already a word, I hereby claim creation thereof) come here to work and send money home to their families. Some even come here just for whatever economic or social opportunity that may present itself. I have no problem with their motive. I simply abhor their method. They need to come here by the usual route, that is to make proper application through the INS, meet the requirements for entry and then wait in line along with the millions of LEGALS who dot the "i"'s and cross the "t"'s instead of the Rio Grande. We cannot absorb the whole world's oppressed and downtrodden without some loss of our own freedoms especially if people come here not FOR change offered by America but to bring the old country with them and change America.

I have no problem with immigrants coming here and becoming citizens, but I strongly disagree with those who claim that "we are all immigrants". In the first place, I was born in Florida, and I can trace my family's history in America back to 1860. The only times in my life I have been out of the country have been at the behest of the commander-in-chief. Even if I were an immigrant, I am here LEGALLY. To say that EVERYBODY here is an immigrant is to include the "native Americans" as well. If that is the case then NO ONE has the right to be here or EVERYBODY has that right. In truth, the only people who have a RIGHT to be here are those who come here legally. I believe that illegals should not be entitled to taxpayer benefits and that children born of illegal parents should NOT be granted citizenship until their parents are naturalized or they themselves reach age 21, and their children should have the same restrictions .

Some congressman somewhere is toying with the idea of a constitutional amendment to require that BOTH parents must be American in order that a child be a citizen at birth. Great idea and long overdue. OLE!
As for those jobs that immigrants are taking because Americans won't take them? Somebody needs to tell us just where they are. I have cleaned homes, scrubbed floors, dug ditches, laid bricks, cut grass and a dozen other jobs for a lot less money than what I hear the illegals are being paid. Besides, when these people find out they can get more from unemployment than from working for peanuts, many of them will be coming here more for the handouts than from the hand-up.
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