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  13 May, 2006
issue III                                                           vol I

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James Brown Should SAY IT LOUD!!!
James Brown with Percy Sledge at
                                  Augusta Nov 2005James Brown with fellow performer Percy Sledge (L) at annual Thanksgiving Day Dinner in Augusta, GA 2005. In the background is Karlton Howard. Photo © Shakira Lemon

What with all the negative publicity surrounding the proposed James Brown Festival, scheduled for some time next month, I find myself wondering, WWJD (What Would James Do)?
I guess a better question would be What SHOULD James Do? After all, this ALLEGED event is being promoted in Brown's name, and practically in his image, and he should have the character to step up and say "Hold...Enough!". I personally think James Brown should contact Champ Walker and demand that all operations cease and desist until this donnybrook has settled into a believable, workable solution and a proper tribute can be made, probably next year.

A lot of people, famous and not so famous, think the festival would be a great idea and would love to participate, but with a price tag of  $50 per ticket, uncertainty of attendance by performers, even the Godfather himself, and (rightly or wrongly) the negative vibes much of the OBJECTIVE public has towards anything even remotely related to Charles Walker, Sr., the success or even the occurrence of the event is greatly in doubt.

Many of the groups originally claimed to be participating (by Champ Walker et al) have stated they have no idea what this is about or that they have other plans. James Brown himself stated that he was not contacted by the promoters, and originally declared that he and his band were booked solid through the dates of the festival. JB has since states his desire to attend if the promoters would pay for his band's transportation, to which they received the reply, uh uh.

James Brown, as a public figure, cannot stop Walker or anyone else from using his name editorially, but any commercial enterprise that uses the name of ANY person, famous or not, requires that person's consent, and James Brown, to protect his own image, should call a halt to the proceedings right now and request Mr Walker retain professional  assistance.

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Scientist: Blacks Less Intelligent Than Whites
The head of a prominent science lab was suspended recently when he declared that tests indicate blacks are not on the same intelligence level as whites...James Watson has been suspended "indefinitely, pending further review" of the politically incorrect statements by the board of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York.

Far be it from me to defend someone like this guy, but the reason whites CAN see us the way they do is because of the way we ACT. They don't know us personally, so they must judge us by what precious little evidence we present them.

OK, how many huge BLACK corporations can you name? How many blacks own large companies of ANY kind? Why do we complain that the whites are always charging us too much rent, interest, discriminating in hiring, etc? Is it because not enough BLACKS are doing any hiring, or not enough who are in charge?
Why, then, are we not in charge? what stops a million blacks from pooling $500 each to set up banks, finance companies, venture capital firms, brokerages, S&Ls, department store chains, etc?

The Congressional Black Caucus website publishes a statistical analysis of the black population (, and lists dozens of categories of where blacks work, live, migrate, emigrate, etc).

Read it and you can learn how many blacks work as laborers, engineers, lawyers, managers, etc, but you won't find a single word about BLACK BUSINESS OWNERSHIP. Of course, one reason for that is that black politicians don't WANT to emphasize those blacks who are not dependent upon government for their success or survival, so this should surprise no one.

When the NCAA initiated "No pass, no play" a few years ago, Coaches John Thompson (Georgetown) and John Chaney (Temple), among others, declared the program DISCRIMINATES AGAINST BLACKS! No prominent white coach complained publicly (except perhaps those who figured to lose their star black players), and none threatened to quit, as did Thompson and Chaney.

Now, I agree that requiring a college boy to get a stinking C or don't play might discriminate against the potentially lazy, the intellectually inadequate, and possibly the just plain DUMB, but I still can't figure out how that only applies to BLACKS.

When whites see no black faces on the financial pages or at the heads of large corporations, when they see black kids sounding and acting like they were raised by wolves (my apologies to any wolf) and engaging in all sorts of self destructive behavior, where are they supposed to get the notion that we can do anything but sing, dance and play ball and maybe shoot up the place?

Come on. I know all about the handful of blacks who are head and shoulders above the rest of us; Condi Rice, Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, Herb Parsons, et al, but these are mere drops in a very large bucket. And I also know that there is no evidence that any white man could have done what George Washington Carver did with so little help or money, so I'm not saying that I agree with the man or that there are no blacks capable of intellectual excellence.

What I AM saying is that whites are WIRED to excel, to build empires and to be in charge, and blacks are not. Who did the wiring? It wasn't God, but it was our UPBRINGING. Most of the white kids grow up being taught and groomed to take over the world while blacks are told that some Republican or other bigot stands in the way of their ultimate success and that before a black can step forward, a white must step back. So we grow up preparing ourselves to Find the best job we can instead of trying to create one.

I still recall the Million Man March, more than a decade ago, where a supposed million black men spent an average of $500 to travel to D.C. and proclaim to the world that "I am going to be a better father and citizen". Look at how easy it was to create THAT attitude. That same one million people could have invested that $500 together and created a company worth a HALF BILLION DOLLARS in an afternoon.

You can say they might have done it if someone had suggested it, but nobody had to suggest it to "those other guys", who do it almost every day, going and coming. Anyone can compile a list of white owned companies where white investors do nothing all day but try to find such companies in which to invest their money.

We spend so much time making excuses (racism, slavery, etc) and feeling sorry for ourselves its a wonder we even find time to get to work, at that job some white guy created for us.

We can charge off to Jenna to stand up for some thugs, but when three A students are murdered by an illegal alien in a "sanctuary city", we turn the page or reach for the remote.

I fully expect Professor Watson to be vilified for what he said, and he should be, but much of the blame for him and others like him developing such an attitude is squarely on our shoulders.

I don't for one minute think that blacks are inherently intellectually inferior to whites, but I do think that for the majority of both races, our priorities are polar opposites.
And you can say what you want about Bill Cosby, but no one spoke more truth than he has. Like it or lump it.