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GOP Health Care Bill Defeated
18 July, 2017
Steven Lemon

Well, the new, revised version of the GOP's health care bill has gone down in flames.

POTUS of course will be blamed at first, but eventually the voters will realize that it was not the president, not the Democrats, but eight or ten GOP senators who are responsible for the defeat.

This spotlights the fact that many if not most of the GOP legislators who voted for seven years to repeal and replace Obamacare were only doing so to check the box, realizing that Obama would never sign such a bill and they could campaign on their repeal vote.

Well, that part worked, but lo and behold, the GOP now has the House, Senate and Presidency and "suddenly" a bunch of senate RINOS, pseudo conservatives and liberals are forced to reveal their hands, Aces and Eights.

Fortunately for them, not all the almost one dozen GOP defectors are up for election next year, but those that are should be primaried and kicked out of office if possible, and the others dealt with in 2020 and even beyond.
The BEST way to avoid insurrections like this is to keep a constant vigil and defeat all RINOS as soon and as often as possible

The silver lining in all this is that Obamacare is in a death spiral and will not survive much longer in its current form, and the entire GOP, including the president would get kicked out of office, and deservedly so, if they do anything to help keep it afloat.

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Scott Pelley Out At CBS Evening News?
13 July, 2017
Steven Lemon
So, Scott Pelley, after six years is leaving his job as host of CBS Evening News.
The initial report is that the move is the result of his chronic third place ratings finish among the big three network newscasts.

Of course, the skeptic/cynic (and the realist) in ME can't help but look to the incendiary comments Pelley made a couple of weeks ago, when he intimated that perhaps the shooting of GOP legislators, including Rep Steve Scalise at a baseball field was somehow predictable and "self inflicted".

I think those comments were a direct and misguided effort to bolster ratings for his flagging show by attracting the alt-LEFT element that is basically flooding over the Democrat party in recent years and especially since the election of Donald J Trump as president of the United States.

 I think I'll go over to Twitter and ask him how that worked out.
I wouldn't usually kick a man (even a fake news reporter) when he's down, but in this case I'll make an exception.
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