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Will Obamacare End Black Mom & Pops?
Massive law mandates certain establishments publish calorie counts on unpackaged food items.
Steven Lemon
28 March, 2013

The FDA is currently in the process of writing yet another rule to help implement the 2700 page law, which already has 13,000 pages of regulations explaining it's provisions.

Specifically, this new reg is in response to the law's requirement that nutrition data be provided to customers. The Agency has decided that  chain restaurants with 20 or more locations, along with bakeries, grocery stores, convenience stores and coffee chains clearly post the calorie count for each item on their menus.

For sure, very few Black owned restaurants will be affected, but those who have been moderately successful, small bakeries, sandwich shops and convenience stores could fall under the law as it is proposed.

Since there is no trade organization (that I know of) set up to serve the small Black business industry, it is unlikely that enough lobbying power could be mustered to plead for one of the more than 4,000 waivers that the administration has granted.

The alternative is for each affected business to spend thousands of scarce dollars having each affected food item in their store or shop tested and verified by an independent lab.
This regulation could have doubly devastating effects in New York City, where mayor Bloomberg, lovingly refered to as "Nanny DOOMBERG", will surely find reason to initiate a ban of some kind against any nutritional defect HE deems applicable in the resulting food analysis. This could result in many shops closing down for lack of funding to fight these oppressive new government intrusions into private business.

Not all the news is bad.
I can envision a silver lining: Sooner or later some smart guy or gal will start trying to enroll the affected businesses into an organization and collect big lobbyist fees to petition the politicians for redress of this potentially business killing regulation.

There is also the possibility that other entrepreneurs will set up the testing labs that will be required when even the larger businesses have to send their products out for analysis of caloric content.

On the dark side, if a small business is having problems with the competition, he can spend the money to bring his own shop into compliance and then make an anonymous report to the FDA about his non compliant competitor.

Maybe the administration will find a way to do something to exempt the little guy like they did when exempting businesses with less than 50 employees from portions of the law.
But then again the Black business community wasn't helped by that one and is not strong enough that they should expect much help on this on either.

It should be no surprise to anyone that the health of minority business is not a priority of this administration.

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