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Repealing ObamaCare
Round One
An Astonishing Lack of Preparation and Congressional Leadership
26 March, 2017
Steven Lemon
I'll say one thing for the Democrats. They had control of the White House and the congress at the same time and BOOM! Months after Obama takes office, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi had the Obamacare bill on Barack Obama's desk (It was "a big f*****g deal", said Joe Biden.
Incidentally, when's the last time Mitch McConnell said something in public?
The way the leadership of the GOP is playing hide and seek you would think THEY lost the election instead of the Democrats.

Although it was the worst piece of legislation to come down the pike in decades (it took some creative license and judicial activism on the part of the traitor John Roberts to grease the skids), the fact remains that they obviously were working on Obamacare in some fashion even before they had total control of the process. The election of Barack Obama and the arm twisting, vote buying, horse trading and legislative skills of the Democrat leadership combined with morons like Michigan Congressman Bart "I won't support a bill that finances abortions "Stupak and Nebraska Senator Ben "I didn't trade my vote for bonus Medicare funding for my state" Nelson.

The GOP has only had total control for a couple of months, but it is obvious that they only began working on their bill last week.

The high minded "Freedom Caucus", made up of right wing conservatives in the congress, helped kill the current bill for reasons such as "It does not go far enough " and "It is nothing more than 'Obamacare light', so they prefer to get no loaf rather than half a loaf.

The caucus claims they were not elected to create something that looks like Obamacare with a different name.
They would do well to remember, they were not elected t leave Obamacare in place either.
And the GOP leadership AND RINOS like Lindsey Graham, Jon McCain, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski should consider, if we can't win these legislative battles WITH you, maybe we may as well lose without you.
What's the difference?
Do I hear the sounds of third party rumbling in the distance?
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