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  1 April, 2006

* Friday, 10 March, 2006 Superior Court Judge Carlysle Overstreet today ruled that Augusta mayor Deke Copenhaver has the authority to define an abstension during commission meetings, thus passing the ball to the new mayor, who did not make a statement as of this evening. The ruling is being interpreted as a win "It's what we wanted" by plaintiff Woody Merry, a draw "Nothing's changed" by attorney Ben Allen and an abstension "The commission rules have already defined it" by Marion Williams. As usual, reaction among commissioners fell along racial lines. White commissioners who have voiced opinions agree or are satisfied with the ruling, while black commissioners generally disagree or declare victory for their side. Marion Williams, who was the primary defendant in the case, stated (tipping his hand?) "A commisioner can also get up and walk out during votes or vote PRESENT". No doubt this will be a signal event in the career and political future of Deke Copenhaver. Stay tuned * If you have friends that you would like to introduce to our site, please use the link at: You can invite five friends to visit the site and even subscribe to the free newsletter.
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New Bill Gets Tough On Illegals
19 April 2006
Pronouncing it 'Controversial', the Associated Press reported that Governor Sonny Perdue on Monday signed into law what friends and foes alike are calling the toughest anti-illegal immigration legislation in the country. Among activists, supporters are calling the law 'tough on illegal immigrants', while foes are crying 'anti-immigrant', totally ignoring the ILLEGAL element. An incidental report in a separate story, AP reports a spike in requests for citizenship among immigrants. One can only guess how many of these new requests come from career illegals trying to head off the knock on the door by the INS.

The pro-illegal crowd is sorely disappointed, some complaining that Georgia is jumping the gun and should wait for the federal government to act. Sure. By the time that happens, two year old Armando Batista will have grandchildren with grandchildren of their own. There is a notorious lack of courage in dealing with the illegal immigration problem in this country, and I am profoundly shocked that ANY group of legislators have done anything to address it. In the past, Republicans have tried to ignore it, while Democrats offered amnesty. Even the courts have sided with the illegals, mandating free health care, welfare benefits and education for anyone who applies, illegal or not.

I am torn by the whole issue, actually. I think it is terrific that people want to endure the hardship required to come here and stay here illegally, working as highly paid SLAVES, doing work that Blacks won't do. If you didn't think THAT is what immigration proponents mean, think about it. How many WHITES do you think are washing dishes, mowing lawns, harvesting lettuce, nannying rich white kids and cleaning hotel rooms where YOU live? But I digress.

My take is that anyone who wants to come here should be allowed to do it, but do it LEGALLY, and under some sort of control. If we allow every single person who wants it to come and live here, then the United States would become ´┐ŻBalkanized´┐Ż, where every state would be dominated by one 'foreign' culture or another. Florida would become Cuba Norte, The Chinese and Mexicans would have a civil war over control of California, and a poor, black Southerner like myself would never again be able to travel unrestricted from Georgia to Texas without a translator and a squad of infantry to get me through the neighborhood checkpoints. And another thing; if we must open the country to unlimited immigration from Hispanic countries, then why not do the same for Africa, Syria, Iraq, etc?

Can you imagine living in Beirut or worse yet; bringing Beirut here? It's not an exaggeration. A great many immigrants come here NOT to become Americans in the true sense, but to reap the benefits of our freedoms. They have no desire to adopt our culture, preferring to retain their own. As a result of increased, however belated anti illegals debate in this country, many communities are becoming 'pro immigrant', passing their own laws to protect ILLEGALS or resolutions to deny prosecution of illegals for their illegal status. California's Cardinal Roger Mahoney has instructed his priests to defy any law that would require asking an illegal's status before giving aid, an obvious response to a recently House passed bill (H.R. 4437) that does just that. This is the same Cardinal Mahoney who recently agreed to a $50,000,000
payout to settle lawsuits against homosexual priests in his parish. One should not be surprised at that. After all, if he supports those who violate God's laws, then the laws of man are of no consequence.

Immigrant activists have called for a Latino boycott on May 1, the traditional Labor Day in most Latin countries. They ask Hispanic workers to stay home from work that day and not buy anything, to show the impact of Hispanics, legal and otherwise, on our economy. No problem. Their employer can simply drive down to the corner and hire someone else for the day. I think this boycott might actually create jobs! For more illegals.
Steven Lemon