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17 August, 2015 
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Mass Deportation Isn't Necessary

Why should it take years to deport an illegal through the courts? If someone cannot prove legal status, send them home!
DUHHHH!!! How long does that take?

The congress should pass a law eliminating 'anchor babies' (yeah, I know that would take a constitutional amendment, but the Supreme Court proves that is no longer necessary if the 'right judges' are on the court), mandate prison time for illegals who are caught or who overstay their legal visas, increase penalties for employers who knowingly hire illegals, and stop ALL funding to sanctuary cities.

In addition, ANY and all illegals, criminal or not (but wait. Aren't they ALL criminals?) who find themselves under the control of police should be sent to holding areas where they await transportation to whatever nation they choose or which will take them.

As for those babies born here, they can go with their parents or stay here without them. If the government had wanted illegals to have children they would have issued them as part of the benefits package.

John Stewart's "Proof" Is As Big A Joke As He Is.
A few months ago, Jon Stewart, former host of the"Daily Show" (which, in my opinion, is where the uninitiated get their free koolaid) famously posted a video that HE says proves that Fox News considers and refers to the poor as leeches, losers, parasites and other obnoxious and equally inaccurate portrayals.

Stewart uses an old movie maker's trick that creates a montage of various Fox News reports (some new, some old) and arranges the resulting video as a representation of what was actually said in context. Back in the day, songwriters would take a few words from many different songs and create a whole new song with them.

Stewart's writers did a masterful job of cherry picking tiny slivers and sound bites of Fox reports and making it LOOK like Fox is characterizing poor people as losers, leeches and moochers. If this was a product ad, he would go to jail for gross misrepresentation.

The sad fact is, as evidenced by the roaring laughter (likely canned) after each of his carefully choreographed video snippets, either his audience is mostly composed of your typical LOW INFORMATION VOTERS who only pay attention to politics every fourth November or a group of high schoolers required to laugh at the professor's jokes or face a failing grade.

I realize it is a COMEDY show, but the audience apparently thinks his biased, profanity laden daily rant is a reflection of reality and treats it as the only"news" they get all day. It relieves the audience of the tedium of actually paying attention to what is happening in the world around them. "I mean, like, c'mon, man, like facts are like so boring. Ohhh, I smell  SUSHI!"

If Stewart REALLY had as much character as he pretends, he would produce the links to these alleged Fox News statements so viewers could review the complete reports for themselves.
Of course that would expose the real truth to the few intellectually honest audience members in attendance and thus tarnish his image as a hard hitting"news""reporter".

It would be SO easy (and it is indeed quite tempting) to characterize Stewart's target audience as mostly young, clueless skulls full of mush, but unlike Stewart, I am not prone to painting everyone I see with a brush that I use for what I saw one person say or do. When you push back the frontiers of ignorance (or is it apathy?) surely there are a handful of Redwoods in that forest of dead twigs and live weeds.

Instead, I prefer to think and hope that Stewart's audience is as intelligent and objective,(as selectively as a group of 18-30 year olds can be) and as interested in the truth as anybody else including the FoxNews audience.

Of course there remains the possibility that Stewart or his writers will  produce the basis of their still unproven and relevant (to the adult mind) charges that Fox News characterizes the poor as losers and leeches, an event that would solidify Stewart's position as a credible source in whom the young and old in this country can have as much faith as they do in Fox News.

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