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Get them S*O*Bs Off The Air!

Stephen Frazier
24 September, 2017

I have just about had it up to my ass with CNN's FAKENEWS!!!
I almost want to start watching regularly so I can boycott the damned network (not that it would accomplish very much).

I happened to see this morning #InsidePolitics, where these five hacks disguised as "reporters" were discussing POTUS' rant about NFL players "disrespecting our flag" should be fired.
Each one of them, including the moderator, either declared or agreed by their silence that President Trump:

1. Singled out "players of color" in his comments,
2. Referred to particular players by name
3. Criticized players for "exercising their first amendment rights"
4. Referred to a specific player as a "son of a bitch"

ALL of these statements were damnable lies!
The REAL facts are that:

The president NEVER called anyone's name nor did he single out any athlete or team. In fact he only stated 'Wouldn't you like to see one of these (NFL) owners say Get that sunuvabitch off the field' if he kneels during the anthem.
(I personally would not have said it that way, but I don't use the MF expression in a public place)

The president never referred to any particular player by name, team or circumstance. His reference was a GENERAL statement that included ALL teams and ANY player who knelt during the anthem. I don't know if the president even knew who was kneeling nor do I care and I doubt if HE cares.

LeBron "The president should stay in his place" James and Steph "I have an idea why the president feels the way he does" Curry both claim that the president is "dividing us along racial lines", as if the president is responsible for them being Black and feeling the way THEY do.
I can only say they are typical of ALL Black people who consider any disagreement with one of them as racially motivated and based on hatred. In other words, in the minds of these two jocks, "I'm Black and I attack you, but if you respond negatively you're a racist. Wahhh wahh wahh".

President Trump made NO reference, not even an oblique, offhand, or backhand reference to anyone's race except in the feeble minds of those who thought he did.

Never mind the statements (all heads nodding knowingly) that Trump showed insensitivity by his comments so close to events in Charlottesville, is trying to further divide the country along racial lines, was only speaking this way because of the "type of crowd he knew was there in Alabama, "home of George Wallace", etc.
That kind of talk is to be expected of the fake news media and plays into the hands of the snowflakes who would wish Trump dead for saying "rocket man" while ignoring someone who says he will drop a nuclear bomb on Los Angeles.

I don't really care much for the fake media nor the snowflakes, but it just bugs me no end to see this kind of crap going on unabated and uncahllenged, especially when I realize that it is all accepted by a snowflakes, a gullible, grossly uniformed and misinformed public and those who blissfully accepting anything they get from the fake media 30 second soundbites as gospel truth.

Finally, the biggest lie of all is based not on anything Trump said but on the ignorance of those who make and/or believe the claim that this is a First Amendment issue and that includes every idiot on the panel this morning, including the token pseudo conservative Mary Katherine Ham who tries to put up a good conservative front without offending her liberal bosses or their low information constituents and thus lose her job like other REAL conservatives have done recently.

The fact of the matter is, YOUR (Athlete) First Amendment rights (who has every right to express himself in any way at any time he sees fit) are YOURS as long as they don't interfere with MINE ((NFL owner who has a RIGHT to order you NOT to exercise your rights while being paid out of MY pocket ESPECIALLY if you are making expressions that he feels will negatively reflect on MY TEAM and its bottom line).

Any person who needs proof of this could just ask himself “What would happen if I grabbed a bullhorn, stood up in my place of employment and announced “This is a lousy place to work, my boss is a tax cheat, beats his wife and I want to blow out the brains of everyone here”.

Whether that person is an athlete, middle management supervisor, a minimum wage janitor or talk show host, he would be bouncing on his ass down the sidewalk to the unemployment office before you could say “striped ass ape” and only a crooked liberal judge could save him from it.
I once hired a young man for my office cleaning business and terminated him a week later because my customers (three women who had to work alone at night while he cleaned their offices) were unnerved by his tattoos and dreadlocks. That was eleven years ago and I haven't heard anything from the ACLU as of yet.

Everyone has a first amendment right to speak but NO ONE has a right to be heard.

If an owner permits it, a player can patrol the sidelines wearing blackface, naked as a jaybird, waving a Confederate flag and singing Yankee Doodle Dandy and its all legal, but if that owner says “Stop it” or “Don't do that”, then he has the right to fire that sucker and there's nothing the law or the constitution could do to stop him.

SHOT ACROSS THE BOW for those who claim that the first amendment trumps EVERYTHING and everyone:
A soldier would be sanctioned if he participated in a public event wearing his uniform.

TV personalities (Rush Limbaugh, Curt Schilling among others) have been fired for statements they made on air. Fox News resident liberal hack Juan Williams was fired by PBS for writhing the he becomes nervous when traveling on a plane with Muslims who are “acting strange”.

A basketball franchise owner was forced to sell his team because of statement he made to his girlfriend IN THE PRIVACY OF HIS OWN HOME!

THEIR First Amendment rights did not save them. If you have refutation of these facts, bring it!

None of this is going to affect MY life in any way, but its good to vent, like cussing when you can't fix the kitchen sink and since it is illegal for a Black, Conservative, Independent right wing Christian fundamentalist to make statements regarding the well being of talk show hosts and their networks, let me just say I wish for a long, happy and prosperous life for the liberal press corps in this country otherwise known a “Drive by” and Fake News” Media.

I know its not a crime to tell a lie because most of them would be in jail.
OOOPS. My bad.

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