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Complete Lack of Leadership

High ranking officials are dropping the ball in New York and around the country

Steven Lemon
(AKA The Black Turncoat)
30 December, 2014

So, it is a no no when cops turn their backs in protest to the poisonous atmosphere that the president, attorney general, rabble rouser-in-chief Al Sharpton and others created with their WORDS but no criticism of the LACK of leadership by the aforementioned group of high placed officials?
Wowee zowee!

I have not heard of anyone who blames the officers' deaths on the mayor, but he, the AG, Sharpton and the president all deserve condemnation for NOT speaking out in support of the 99% of cops who do the right thing every day all over the country.

As for White cops killing Black males I can only say the cops respond to the areas where there is crime, and crime is proportionately more prevalent in the Black areas than any others. Apparently it is no big issue to the cop haters that Blacks kill Blacks THIRTY TIMES more often than cops do, and most, if not all of those killed by cops are in the process of committing crimes or violently resisting arrest.

I have seen no reports of cops ambushing or harassing citizens and especially not just walking up and shooting them. Not a single drive by.

The politicians who are indeed blaming the whole police force on what they (in this case) wrongly accuse a few of committing may not have blood on their hands literally, but I remember as a child how my parents would blame ALL Whites for whatever wrong the klan might have done to any Black person.

I also remember reading about how Germans who knew what was going on in the concentration camps absolved themselves of blame by saying they DIDN'T know, and by their lack of speaking up allowed the Nazis to perpetuate a holocaust on the human race exceeded only by Planned Parenthood.

ANY person who shouted "What do we want? DEAD COPS" is just as morally guilty of murder as that looneyburger who killed those two cops in New York and the one in Tampa. And don't forget the two in LA who ambushed a cop car  with automatic weapons. They got one and hopefully he will give up the other one.

If the citizens have a right to block traffic, attack cops, disrupt normal life in a city, all in the name of protesting the deaths of people who resisted a lawful arrest attempt, then the cops have every right to show their discontent with ANY politician who crosses their path.
At least they are not breaking any law or infringing on anyone else's rights.

Your Grandma had it right when she said "People get ugly when someone dies", but it can also be said that "Someone could die when people get ugly"

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