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Government Didn't Cause Black Economic Problems
                        And it can't solve them either
Steven Lemon
April 4, 2015
RE: Gentrification And Black People In DC (From This Week In SRI)
       Originally posted at linkedin by William Michael Cunningham, AM, MBA

You make some excellent points, Mr Cunningham, but with all due respect, I think you a preaching to the wrong crowd.
Rather than demand DC do something about Black economic situation I would ask BLACK business owners that question. It should not be the government's job to build Black economic power. Blacks should build their own just like Whites, Hispanics, Asians and everybody else does it.

Neither is it DC's fault that so many Blacks have HIV/AIDS. That comes from actions and choices initiated or perpetuated by the victims, for the most part.
It is not even DC's fault that there is such a large gap between Black and White incomes. Blacks simply need to earn more money and spend more in our own communities, which starts with building a financial infrastructure that will support our businesses like others support theirs.

Gentrification occurs when the owners of a property find a better value for it than renting to low income tenants, who then are forced to relocate. That is not the fault of the government nor of the owners, the reason for that is that Blacks just don't own very much property.

You, as a trained economist can teach us all a few things about economics I am sure, but I have been out here in the hinterlands where the people you are trying to help live and breathe and I can teach a course on how apathy, indifference, dependence and self victimhood has plagued and held us back for more extensively than the bigots could ever hope to do.

Governments don't buy from us because we don't sell what they need. There are so few Black government contractors because so few of us can meet the standards that most governments impose on contractors. I was a government contractor for seven years and it took every bit of administrative skills that I have in order to just keep up with the paperwork. Fortunately for me I was able to employ a great staff that allowed me to work the office while they worked the trenches. After that experience I, reasoning that other small firms likely would have the same challenges but without the experience, work staff and admin skills that I had, endeavored to start a business providing those skills as close to FREE as I cold without going bankrupt.

The end result was that I built a huge database of whining, hand wringing, excuses, finger pointing, blame laying and rationalization that I could use in my course of instruction on NONACCOMPLISHMENTARIANISM 101.

I found that the drive, ambition, knowledge and willingness to work together to create projects from within ourselves just did not exist in sufficient quantity to make significant inroads in pushing back the economic frontiers that everybody faces in the business world.

I sincerely commend your passion (that is another trait I did not find) and wish you the greatest success, but our extraction from the ditch in which we find ourselves will not happen unless we ourselves provide the catalyst, the energy and the MONEY and do it ourselves. Seeking government solutions for problems that government did not initiate is time consuming at best and a lost cause at worst.
Politicians and business don't mix well.
How many of them ever built a successful business?

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