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Power Of The PC Nazis
Stephen Frazier
25 Augusta, 2017
If there is anyone still so clueless about the POWER of the left wing in this country, consider the following:

The GOP congress, after seven long, loud years of begging for control of the White House and "We will repeal and replace Obamacare", hauled ass like a bat out of hell when their wish came true with the election of Donald Trump,

Many of the president's business council advisers have quit, citing their opposition to the president's post-Charlottesville comments,

Many local municipalities have secretly removed statues of Confederate statesmen, judges and others,

The ACLU has apologized for displaying an image of a White child holding an American flag with the caption "This is the America ACLU members want".

In the first instance, that handful of GOP liars and turncoats who voted against the repeal of Obamacare had a change of heart only because they were inundated with phone calls, tweet, and town hall disruptions (likely paid for by George Soros and the DNC) by left wingers parroting the Democrat talking points.

Anyone with half a brain knows that the cowardly businessmen who are abandoning an important project set up to help fix the economy are all running scared due to a flood of phone calls from irate citizens threatening to boycott their company's products.

The cowardly local officials undertook their dastardly deeds in the middle of the night because they didn't want to face the public outcry from all sides that would attend a public hearing on the issues. This PC disease is spreading unabated from coast to coast

The ACLU ran for cover and caved to the PC police when social media lit them up as RACIST for showing a WHITE child (rather than (fill in the blank)).

All these issues occurred because the left wing in this country mobilizes in an instant to make its feelings known and its voice heard.

I'm trying to think of a situation where such upheaval was ever caused as a result of RIGHT WING outrage.
In case you're considering nominating the TEA party revolt that began in 2010, forget it.
The only thing that happened there was an overwhelming increase of GOP legislators in most states across the country.
For all the good it has done it may as well have been left as it was.

The liberals still control our country because their members put their butts in motion and gets things done while they are talking.
Everyone else just talks
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